Working with Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)

We recently began a project with DWP to offer additional support to patients in north Southwark. Our GP practices are now able to refer patients to one of two DWP advisors, who offer a range of advice and support, including the following:

  • benefit entitlement
  • benefit claims
  • training opportunities
  • CV development
  • employment skills
  • work experience
  • volunteering
  • empowering users to support themselves through motivational discussions.

We are already seeing great outcomes for our patients in the first couple of weeks of this project!

A patient story

One of our local patients was referred by their GP practice to a DWP advisor. The patient informed the GP practice that their employer had sent their earnings late to HMRC . This then impacted on the patients childcare costs resulting in financial hardship and stress. The GP practice supported the patient with a fit note for work related stress and referred them to the Patient Advice Service to meet with a DWP advisor.

The DWP advisor provided the following support:

  • made contact with the patients work coach
  • supported the patient with contacting Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and ACAS for employment advice for additional support
  • Explored child care options

The DWP advisor is continuing to offer support based on the patients personal circumstance.