Social prescribing team

Okema Shields: I was born in Jamaica, I grew up in Birmingham and I moved to London for work. I am family oriented, I love visiting new places, cooking healthy recipes with my partner, listening to music and dancing. My background is Health and Psychology. I am passionate about holistic wellbeing because I am living with a disability and chronic pain, hence why I am an advocate for helping others fulfil their health and wellbeing goals.


Sarah Duignan: My name is Sarah, and my background is in working with young people with additional learning needs and their families. I have worked in the voluntary sector and been involved in supporting health education, coaching and mentoring for many years. I really enjoy supporting and listening to people and helping them to find their route to happier healthier lives.  I am excited to be a part of social prescribing and helping to build an innovative and effective service for Southwark.


Hassan Ahmed: I have previously worked in Southwark as a Reconnection Worker with St Mungo’s, helping the homeless reconnect back into their community and access local support services. Before this, I worked as a Health Lifestyle Specialist delivering NHS Health Checks and Health Trainer Programmes for Health Care Assistants. I am married with four children and am excited to be joining the social prescribing team to share my skills I have developed and look forward to supporting the community of North Southwark.


Makiba Clarke: My passion for supporting people with their health and wellbeing was ignited whilst undertaking a Public Health module during my undergraduate studies in Nutrition Science. I decided to expand my knowledge further through a postgraduate degree. My past experience includes delivering lifestyle change interventions to individuals living with long-term conditions and supporting socially isolated older adults to re-engage with the community. Besides my knowledge and experience, my empathetic nature is an extremely valuable component within my work. 


Julianna Agnes Pusztai: I am passionate about supporting people to develop skills to lead a higher quality of life regardless of their background. Past experience includes working with people with mental health problems, homelessness, addictions, housing issues, learning disability and autism. My academic experiences are within the psychosocial and psychoanalytical field up to postgraduate level. I view myself as a motivated, compassionate and diligent person with a sense of humour, who is always chasing new challenges.



Mary Olushoto: Prior to this role, I was a Wellbeing Practitioner at Merton Uplift.  My duties and responsibility collectively underpinned the mobilisation of an innovative wellbeing primary care service within IAPT. This included facilitating high quality group based psychosocial interventions, coproduction sessions and community outreach. I have a strong passion for assisting individuals in any way possible.  My passion stems from personal & professional experiences, which underpin my belief that we all need help at some point in our lives. 


Rachel Darg: I am from Bromley, Kent. I was a practicing Social Worker for 3 years and have worked in London all my life. I have experience of working with people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and social problems. In my spare time I enjoy Badminton, Netball and Reading.


Rosina Jane Garner:  Following art college, most of my working life has been with the NHS providing Occupational Therapy services to Community Learning Disabilities Teams across Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham. I retired in 2017 and have spent the last two years trying different things, spending time with friends and family, caring for elderly parents, tending my allotment and doing voluntary work. I took up yoga, started singing lessons and explored various courses including story telling, painting and pottery.


Jamie Anthony: My name is Jamie and I recently graduated with a degree in Paramedic Science. In November 2019, I moved careers to start coaching adults with learning disabilities into meaningful employment. I really enjoyed that role and I am excited to be bringing my new skills back to the NHS. Feel free to get in touch at any point!​


John Hopkins: I am a Law and Public Policy graduate with 15 years’ experience in the health and social care field.  My career started in community support services for Adults with Learning Disabilities and I have subsequently set up projects for Young Adult Carers and for Adults with Autism.  Prior to this role, I was the Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager at Time and Talents.  I look forward to contributing to Southwark’s community strength through this exciting new service.