Quality Improvement Programme


Overview of the programme of work

Our ambition is to spark a mini quality improvement revolution, a transformation programme in north Southwark that will reduce workload, free up time for GPs and improve care for patients.


The purpose of the programme of work

The programme will enable a practical response to:

  • Better manage demand and capacity in GP practices to the benefit of patient and practice team.
  • Highlight and share examples of good practice across north Southwark to learn from their success.
  • Rapidly test new interventions in general practice and share successful tests to spread effective practice, and achieve breakthroughs in performance across north Southwark.
  • Share, celebrate and support the adoption of effective new ways of working.
  • Build quality improvement capacity and capability at practice level, integrating the learning and practice of these skills into everyday practice.
  • Build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement and a learning network that can be used to address other problems in healthcare.


What has been done so far?

Who has been involved?

  • GPs
  • Nurses
  • Other health professionals
  • Practice managers
  • Admin staff

What positive outcomes have been achieved?

  • 13 practice staff in north Southwark have completed Quality Improvement Leader training and support their practice and other practices to implement learning to everyday work.
  • 68 practice staff in north Southwark have attended the four learning sessions over the period Dec 2016 – May 2017.
  • A number of improvement projects have been initiated in GP practices and across practices to improve patient care/access


What are the plans for the future?

  • A new cohort of Quality Improvement Leader (QIL) training started in January 2018
  • The role of QIL is going to be reviewed and developed
  • Improvement projects will be evaluated and new ones are being initiated


Further information

Please see our ‘working together to create a quality improvement programme‘ film, which was published in February 2018.


You can read a case study published by NHS England for further information about the Releasing Time Programme.