QHS Bulletin – 25 November 2021

Covid vaccination programme

AnchorCovid vaccination service 

Over 88,000 vaccines have been administered​ to our population.  Please follow up all your patients without mobile numbers using the manual book filter in Accubook.


Inclusion of cohort 10 (40-49 year olds) in the booster programmeWe are pleased to confirmed that all practices in North Southwark PCN have opted in to continue to vaccinate patients in cohort 10 with their booster. As agreed, all practice staff will be released back to practices from Monday 6 December and the vaccination centre at Artesian will be covered by QHS, PCN or locum staff only.

We have imported all your patients who are due their booster vaccine by the end of December into Accubok and the invites will be sent to all patients on a daily basis, few days ahead of the due date. Please note, Accubook system will be updated later this week to only allow eligible patients (182 days after their second vaccine) to book few weeks in advance. This is to align with the national system for COVID-10 vaccination.


Booster doses for housebound patients

The green book has now been updated to allow us to use Astra Zeneca for our housebound patients, but please note the following when planning your visits:

  • If the patient has received a dose(s) of Astra Zeneca as part of their primary dosing the National Patient Group Direction can be used as the legal mechanism to administer by a registered professional only, (not a health care assistant).
  • If the patient has not received Astra Zeneca as part of their primary dosing (i.e. they received Pfizer or Moderna) then the National Patient Group Direction does not cover the registered professional to use this vaccine, therefore, an independent prescriber should assess the patient, gain consent and authorise a Patient Specific Direction (named patient prescription) for a registered nurse/health care assistant to administer.
  • Please contact us on qhs.covidvaccination@nhs.net to request any vaccine doses you need to collect for home visits.


Covid vaccination schedule – amended
We receive a lot of queries from practices about a valid timescale for the second/booster vaccine. Please download this amended schedule (updated on 25 November 2021) to help practices advise patients on the correct timescales for the vaccine.


Digital updates

AnchorArdens update
The following search folders have  been updated and installed in the practice’s enterprise site:

1.7 Ardens COVID19 Searches (v8.3)

1.8 Ardens Flu Search suite 2021-22 (v21.6)

2.3 CQRS Searches 2021-22 (1.6)

5.0 Ardens Case Finders (v2.1)

5.3 Ardens National Cntrct Reports (v20.7)

To access these searches – select the Emis – Reporting –Population Reporting – and select the World Icon at the bottom of the tab.

Please see here for a summary of all Ardens resources, new and pre-existing.


Reminder for practices to sign up for Ardens training
Each practice is entitled to a four hour training session, which is usually broken up into one hour for the following teams: practice management, nurses and HCAs, GPs and ANPs, reception and admin.

To book training contact training-emis@ardens.org.uk. Practices can also access online resources, including help articles, FAQs, and pre-recorded training videos for clinical staff and  admin staff on the  Arden’s support website.


Patient online access to records

Reminder for practices to sign up for  awareness sessions in regards to patient access to  future online records.

From April 2022, all patients with online accounts such as the NHS App  and whose practice uses TPP will be able to view all new entries in their GP health record. This change supports NHS Long Term Plan commitments to provide patients with digital access to their health records.

General practice staff should:

  • Be aware that patients will be able to see their future records and consider the impact of each entry including documents and test results.
  • Know how to manage the change to workflow – ensuring sensitive information is redacted as it is entered onto the clinical system, or in rare circumstances know when it may be inappropriate to give a patient access to their record

Please Note: Patients will not see personal information such as positive test results until they have been checked and filed, giving GPs the chance to contact and speak to patients first.

To find out what this means for your practice and what to do next, There are GP and Operational staff Awareness Sessions that you can sign up to here. For any queries please contact the NHSX Implementation Team: England.NHSXImplementation@nhs.net.


Other news

AnchorElemental EMIS integration – test referral

Elemental Software is integrated with EMIS to code all social prescribing referrals automatically when practices generate them for patients. To ensure this integration is working correctly, practices can conduct a test referral. Please follow the attached guide for instructions on how to do this.

If the referral to social prescribing code is not recorded after completing a test referral, please email Conor at Elemental who can support with troubleshooting. Once setup is completed, Elemental will backdate and code all those previously sent, so please continue to use this for social prescribing referrals. If you require any additional support with this, please email Freddie.


Transform research study 
QHS will be supporting a recall and referral processed for this study on behalf of all practices in December. The Transform study is aimed to understand the acceptability and impact of dietary interventions in diverse populations with high levels of deprivation. The study provides a unique opportunity for both GP practices and their patients, with a focus on patients who are generally hard to reach with interventions of this kind. 120 patients will be recruited with 60 having one-to-one coaching and 60 having group-based coaching. This intervention, delivered by Oviva can transform lives, providing an improved quality of life and improved diabetes control, a reduction in medications, reduction in risks of diabetes complications and essentially aiming to achieve diabetes remission for patients. It will also lead to a reduction in primary care visits. This intervention is being offered without any financial cost to GP practices or patients. The programme is a 12 month programme with follow up at 24 months.  The eligibility criteria and referral form is available here. There is no action for practices here, but please be aware of the recall in case you receive any questions from patients.


Diabetes virtual clinics – dates for practices

As discussed at the PLT event today on diabetes , North Southwark PCN, supported by QHS and in partnership with CESEL and the Southwark Community Diabetes service, are running community diabetes clinics held virtually on MS Teams to help practice teams manage their patients with diabetes.

More information about the purpose and approach is available here and a checklist of what’s required of the practice is available here. Additional dates and times have been made available so if your practice would be keen to have one of these sessions, or if you have any queries, please email Freddie Cheal.

AnchorFlu stock order webinar pack 
The flu stock order webinar pack delivered yesterday by NHS England and NHS Improvement is available here.