We are working with other health and care organisations in Southwark to develop new ways of bringing together services so that they do a better job of keeping people healthy  and meeting patients’ needs. This is often called “integrated community-based care”.


What is Partnership Southwark?

We have made a lot of progress by setting up local care networks and developing care coordination for people with three or more long-term conditions.  From 2019, “Partnership Southwark” will also include voluntary sector organisations so that we can tackle the causes of health inequalities and prevent illness. We also want to make better use of data and digital technology to be more proactive in how we deliver care and support. Most importantly, we want to work with and for local people and communities.

Read more about Partnership Southwark, including its development, priorities and vision for improving health and wellbeing outcomes.


Working with neighbourhoods

Partnership Southwark will move health and care to a model where services and support are delivered within and across nine neighbourhoods of 30,000 – 50,000 people. You can read more about our neighbourhood working here.


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