Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) working

Overview of  MDT working

The main focus of MDT working is to bring together health professionals from primary care (GP practices), secondary care (hospitals), carers, social workers and the community and voluntary sector to work together to discuss patient care. By working together, health professionals are able to use their collective expertise to discuss the best interventions for patients and put them in place quickly.

MDT working is part of a wider programme of work to improve coordinated care for patients with three or more long-term conditions in north Southwark.

MDT working in north Southwark 

MDT working has built relationships between local health and social care organisations and people. GP practices already connect with a  range of health professionals to discuss patient care, however QHS now coordinate an additional monthly Community Multidisciplinary Team (CMDT) meeting.

The CMDT meeting provides a forum for health professionals to discuss patient’s with complex health needs, share best practice and identify solutions. They are an educational environment and have enabled shared learning and greater knowledge between health and social care providers about local services and support available for patients.

What  have we done so far?

  • QHS currently run one MDT meeting per month at a convenient location and time for health professionals to allow full participation.
  • We have two neighbourhood facilitators who support these meetings.
  • In 2018/ 2019 we reviewed 80 north southwark patients in these meetings.

What are our plans for the future?

In the future we plan to have MDT meetings in each north Southwark neighbourhood (Borough, Walworth south, Walworth triangle Bermondsey and Rotherhithe) as part of our neighbourhood working programme. We are working on enabling dialling in so that practice staff can attend meetings virtually.

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