Useful Referral Information

We have provided links to some of the services that can support care home patients. Please click on the hyperlinks for further information or relevant referral forms.

Unless otherwise stated, care homes can refer directly to all these services. Please inform the GP if you make a referral to these teams.

The @home service and rapid response – visit website for referral details

  • 0203 049 5751
  • Admissions avoidance team who can support care for your patients at home.
    • Referrals only from GPs who have seen patient within 24 hours.

Audiology home visits – visit website for referral form or to request visit online or call.

  • 0800 854 477
  • For all audiology and appliance assessments and for ear wax removal. GP to ensure no wax is present.

Adult continuing healthcare team (ACHT)

  • 020 3049 8834
  • Support nursing homes with continuing care assessments.

Community adult rehab team– visit website for service and referral details.

  • 020 3049 8960
  • For community or outpatient rehabilitation, mobility support, appliances and physiotherapy.
  • The service may not suitable for patients with poor cognition/bed bound. Please call them, if needed, to discuss any cases and ensure referral is suitable.

Malnutrition help line 

  • 020 7188 4128
  • Call for dietetic support and advice

Community mental health team for older adults

  • 020 3228 6920

Mental health care home intervention teams

  • 020 3228 6928
  • Supports patients who have particularly challenging behaviour.

Neuro rehabilitation

  • 020 3049 8940
  • For neuro-physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, swallow, mobility aid.

Wheelchair assessment 

  • 020 3049 7760

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