GP Care Home Service

Nursing and Residential Homes

Quay Health Solutions provide GP services for two nursing homes and five residential homes in the London Borough of Southwark.

The nursing homes are Tower Bridge and Camberwell Lodge care homes.

The residential homes are Bluegrove, Greenhive, Rose Court, The Elms and Waterside care homes.

We provide routine, proactive and urgent care and support treating patients in the homes and avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions. We work closely with a large multidisciplinary team who all support our work within the homes.

Opening hours

Our service runs from Monday to Friday during normal surgery opening times (8.00am to 6.30pm).

Contact Details

Telephone: 020 3883 1621

email[email protected]

Information for Care Home Staff

NHS 111

Out of hours medical help for Care Homes

For care homes staff who require urgent clinical advice and support out of hours, call 111 and carefully follow the instructions below:

Out of hours medical help for Care Homes

  • Dial 111 The message will say:
    “Thank you for calling NHS 111. Press 9 to continue”
  • Press 9
  • Just after you have pressed “9”, press *
    and this will give you access to the health care professional sub-menu. When pressed you will hear the following message:
    “Press 6 if you are calling from a care home”
  • You should press “6” now.
    You will hear the following message:
    “This service is for healthcare professionals only. Please hold while your call is transferred.”

    If no * is entered, the call will continue to be connected to the standard NHS 111 service after a short pause.
    If you enter * at the correct point and select “6” you will connected directly to a service advisor.

Who can use the *6 service?

Clinically-trained staff working in care homes with nursing care can use the *6 service. This includes:

  • Registered nurses
  • Health Care Professionals (HCP)
  • GPs

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