Our Population

Southwark is a diverse, vibrant and growing borough of over 350,000 GP registered population. In comparison to other places in England, Southwark is relatively younger, more densely populated and more deprived. In north Southwark there are over 200,000 registered patients at our 14 GP practices.

There are real challenges in north Southwark and too many people live with preventable ill health, or die early. Some of the main issues that face our population are; health inequalities, heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, mental health, obesity, admission of older people into hospital and accessing GP appointments. For more information visit the Southwark Council website.

Quay Health Solutions is committed to improving the health of our residents through providing high quality services and working closely with Partnership Southwark to consider how else we can support our local population.

Find out about how we are collectively tackling some of these challenges in north Southwark.

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