Our Team

Olufemi Osonuga

Olufemi Osonuga

QHS Chair​
Lead for Governance​

Olufemi has been practicing as a GP in Southwark for the last 20 years. He was appointed as a QHS Director for a four-year term in April 2016. He was elected as Chair in September 2017.

A lot of changes have occurred in primary care in that time, and with many more changes coming our way, Olufemi believes we need to work with our patients and other stake holders in ensuring that we continue to develop good quality services in the community.

Tilly Wright

Non-Executive Director & Deputy Chair​
Lead for Finance and HR​

Tilly joined Villa Street Medical Centre as their Practice Manager in April 2012 and joined the partnership in October 2014. She was elected to the QHS Board of Directors on 13 April 2016 for a four-year term and re-elected in January 2023. 

Her vision for QHS is to build a federation that supports and enables general practice to be both a good place to work, as well as providing the best care for all North Southwark residents.

Rebecca Dallmeyer

Executive Director

Rebecca has been working in Southwark since 1992 as a Pharmacist and as a senior manager across both Primary and Secondary care.

Rebecca is committed to develop primary care, building on and embracing local skills and talent to ensure it is the heart of healthcare in North Southwark.

Stefan Lipinski

Stefan Lipinski

Non-Executive Director​
Lead for Information Governance

Stefan has worked as a GP in Southwark since 2001. He joined The Bermondsey and Lansdowne Medical Mission (BLM2) as a partner in 2004 and continues in this position following the recent merger of BLM2 into Nexus Health Group. He was elected to the QHS Board of Directors in November 2017 for a four-year term.

Stefan’s ambition is to work on new care models consolidating the benefits of primary and secondary care to deliver a harmonised, responsive and integrated care experience for the residents of Southwark.

Shaun Heath

Non-Executive Director​
Lead for Workforce Development

Shaun had been practicing as a nurse in North Southwark for over 20 years and in that time he has championed nursing and workforce development.  He has worked with QHS and the Primary Care Network (PCN) since 2015 in various roles.
Shaun believes education and training starting from pre-registration placements is key to workforce development and growth; a Multi-professional and highly skilled workforce is key to quality Community and Primary Care services.

Sharjeel Hasan

Medical Director
Lead for Clinical Governance

Sharj has been a GP in Southwark since 2012 and has been working for QHS since 2017. Sharj has been the Lead GP for north Southwark Enhanced Access and the QHS GP Care Home Service prior to becoming the QHS Medical Director.

Sharj aspires to promote health excellence for all of North Southwark’s population with a particular interest in healthcare of the elderly.

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