About QHS

Quay Health Solutions (QHS) is a Community Interest Company, a non-profit limited company that’s designed primarily for the benefit of north Southwark community. All profit made by QHS is directed back to North Southwark Primary Care services.

QHS is one of two GP Federations in Southwark, we provide Healthcare services within and on behalf of north Southwark, Improving Health (IHL) is a GP Federation which provides services to the south of the borough.

Our GP Federation is a membership organisation that brings together, supports the delivery of healthcare services and speaks on behalf of north Southwark GP practices. We empower and support healthcare organisations to improve population health, deliver high-quality care and reduce health inequalities.

Fourteen GP practices in north Southwark came together as a Primary Care Network with Quay Health Solutions Community Interest Company to jointly deliver services that improve outcomes for our 200k registered patients. As a GP Federation, QHS provides the building blocks for at scale service delivery and wider system integration through five integrated neighbourhoods that are the delivery units of Primary Care Networks, bringing together local Health and Care organisations (including Social Care, the Voluntary Sector and patient groups) to work collaboratively to deliver more joined up, patient-centred services. 

QHS works with Partnership Southwark, our Place-Based Care Partnership, on programmes of development to support transformation of local health services.  We work collaboratively with providers and patients to co-produce solutions to the challenges we face and to maximise the impact of our services on quality and outcomes of patient care. 

QHS Federation hold and deliver contracts for a number of Primary Care Services, these include:

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QHS have a core leadership team of Directors who continue to work in their managerial and clinical roles at practice level. The Board of Directors is supported by an Executive Director who is responsible for developing the company and supporting the day-to-day operations of the Federation. You can read more about our Directors here.

Find out more about the population we serve and what we are doing to improve care.

QHS Principles

  • Together we can provide excellent Primary Care services to our neighbourhood populations
  • Our ethos is based on co-operation not competition between all providers
  • We will be transparent and engaging both with the population we serve and our membership
  • We have a right to provide services and a responsibility to deliver high quality care
  • Together we are stronger – together we are Quay Health Solutions

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