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Meet our Covid-19 vaccination centre volunteers – Amanda

Our North Southwark Primary Care Network has a vibrant community of volunteers working at our Covid – 19 vaccination centre, including 25 marshals. Since the start of the Covid-19 vaccination programme our volunteer marshals have worked over 1000 hours and thanks to them and the rest of our volunteers (receptionists, vaccinators and managers) we have vaccinated over 39,000 people in north Southwark including delivering over 13,000 second doses. By the end of March 2021 Amanda had dedicated 100 hours of her time to volunteer.


Amanda – vaccine centre marshal

Hi, I am Amanda and I am 59 years old. I have been volunteering as a vaccination marshal and sometimes as a lead vaccination marshal at the Artisan Health Centre, Bermondsey. I started volunteering twice a week and sometimes I do three times a week.

As a vaccination marshal, I make sure that when the clients come in that they are seated, then when the vaccinators are ready I show the client which room to go to.  A lot of clients are chatty and often ask different questions about the actual vaccination they are about to have. I do not give out medical advice, when asked those sort of questions I direct them to the doctor/nurse. I also clean each chair which has been sat on to make sure each chair is sanitised each time.

As a lead vaccination marshal, I do the same as above but also make sure that the next day’s needles and wipes are made up in their dishes, ready for the next day’s vaccinators and any other jobs which I am asked to do.

I volunteer because I like to help people. I like to think I work well in a team and I like to be involved in something that hopefully is making a difference. I like working at the Artisan Health Centre because of management, doctors, nurses and volunteers are all nice and its great to meet different people. I also like the medical environment and would like to volunteer again if possible in a hospital environment.

Benefits to our north Soutwark patients

I think the centre has been amazing. I love it when its really busy and most of the clients come in very happy to know that they are having their Covid-19 vaccination.  Some say it’s like winning the Lotto!

Have you had your vaccine?

I have had both my vaccinations, which was Astra Zeneca. I often get asked if I have had my vaccination and I answer by saying yes and that I feel good that I have been given it. I also mentioned that I had no side effects whatsoever, however I do mention that I understand that everyone is different and can react to the vaccination in different ways, mainly by getting a sore arm or feeling a little tired but it doesn’t last long. It’s better to have the vaccination and hopefully one day we can all get back to getting out and about and living a bit more of a normal life.


QHS Bulletin – 6 May 2021

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Covid vaccination programme

UPDATE: Covid vaccination update
Meet our volunteers – Atim-Blossom

Other news

NEW: Leadership support circles – create safe spaces
Digital change manager
Long Covid guidance update


Covid vaccination programme

AnchorCovid vaccination update

We have now given over 36,500 Covid-19 vaccinations, of which > 10,000 are second doses, and ensured the coverage of our population with at least one dose to:

  • > 91% of our care home population
  • > 84% of our 65 and over population
  • > 76% of our extended clinically extremely vulnerable population
  • > 66% of our younger population (16-64) with underlying health conditions
  • > 66% of our population aged 50-64
  • > 34 % of our population aged 40-49

Practices are asked to focus on booking remaining patients from JCVI cohorts 1-9 and those aged 40-49 so that we minimise health inequalities.  Please ensure you prioritise delivering vaccines to housebound patients and email Ryszard to book your vaccine administration supply.


Future vaccinations roll-out

Please ensure you invite and book patients into the right clinics on Accubook. We will be largely providing second dose vaccinations during May. Please review any patient who is eligible to have their second dose and book them into the appropriate clinics via Accubook. Practices can invite patients eight weeks after their first vaccination.

Date    Vaccine Booking
Friday 7 May   AZ – first and second doses  Fully booked
Saturday 8 May   AZ – first and second doses  Fully booked
Monday 10 May   AZ – first and second doses  Fully booked
Tuesday 11 May   AZ – first and second doses  Appointments available
Wednesday 12 May   AZ – first and second doses am, Pfizer second dose pm  Appointments in the morning
Thursday 13 May   Pfizer – second dose for up to 24 Feb first dose  Few appointments
Friday 14 May   Pfizer – second dose for up to 24 Feb first dose  Appointments available
Saturday 15 May   Pfizer – second dose for up to 24 Feb first dose am, AZ first and second dose pm  Appointments available
Monday 17 May   AZ – first and second doses  Appointments available
Tuesday 18 May   AZ – first and second doses  Appointments available

Thank you to everyone who has provided staff to work in the vaccination clinic. We have started using more non-Health Care Professionals (HCP) vaccinators which may mean we can stand down some sessions for practice staff. These vaccinators are not from an NHS/general practice background and under the national protocols that govern the delivery of vaccines will require experienced and senior health care professionals to supervise them. This could be the GP lead for the session but may be nurses or other HCPs who are comfortable and confident to supervise non-HCPs.


Sessions in the vaccination clinic

The table below shows the number of GP leads, nurses and non-HCP sessions we currently get on a regular weekly basis. We require one GP lead per session plus a minimum of four other vaccinators.

Other practices, GP volunteers and some locum staff will provide staff on an irregular basis to fill around some of these sessions. Gaps remain for GP leads and/or HCPs on certain days which will impact on ability to plan for non-HCP vaccinators to cover sessions.

We therefore ask again for practices to commit GP lead/HCP sessions on dates on a regular basis, reviewing the gaps below, to enable us to deliver the model you have asked us to develop. Please discuss with any individual that they will be responsible for supervising non-HCPs who will not be coming from an NHS/practice background.

We are starting this model on a 1:1 basis of HCP: non-HCP but as this develops would hope that an HCP could supervise a number of non-HCPs to deliver the service.

We hope as our model of committed session develop this will help practices plan their own internal rotas.


Unfilled GP lead vaccinator sessions

We currently have the following sessions unfilled:

  • Thursday 13 May – lead GP PM
  • Friday 13 May – lead GP PM
  • Saturday 15 May – two vaccinators AM amd PM – registered HCP required to help supervise non-HCPs
  • Monday 17 May – lead GP AM, one vaccinator PM – Registered HCP required to help supervise non-HCPs.
  • Tuesday 18 May – lead GP AM


Pathway for patients – alternatives to Astra Zeneca for eligible patients

The JCVI has advised that there are currently eligible patients for vaccination who should now be offered an alternative to the Oxford-AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine. There is now a referral pathway for such patients to GSTT who will offer an alternative vaccine when available.

These eligible patients are:

  • People aged 18-29 years.
  • Pregnant women in the currently prioritised JCVI cohorts.
  • People aged 16- and 17-years who are a carer, on the Learning Disabilities register, are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable or are working or training for health and social care work.
  • Patients whereby the use of the AZ COVID-19 vaccine is contraindicated which includes patients with a history of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (HITT or HIT type 2).

This pathway is not for people who express a preference for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or who are not keen or willing to accept AZ vaccine.

We are asking practices to:

  1. Review patients before booking them into the vaccine clinic to see if they meet the criteria for one of the alternative vaccines. You may find this decision aid useful when reviewing such patients.
  2. If they are eligible for an alternative vaccine please make the referral directly to GSTT using this attached referral form.
  3. If any patient is booked in or arrives at the vaccination clinic who falls into this category the Operations Lead for the day will refer them back to your practice via your practice email for you to make any referrals necessary. The vaccinators are not in a position to make referrals for patients on your behalf.

Clinical decisions about vaccine for your patients

We would encourage clinicians with questions about their individual patients to use their access to the current guidance from the green book or contact their expert colleagues in the Trusts using Advice and Guidance if necessary.


Contacting the vaccine centre

For any queries about the clinic, we have two ways that you can contact us on the day – by email or by mobile phone. However, these details must not be given out to patients as we do not have the staff to deal with patient queries.

Email address for queries:
Mobile telephone number: 07342676194


Meet our volunteers – Atim-Blossom

Our second article is now available on the QHS website. Meet Atim-Blossom, an Administrative Secretary with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark and a lawyer with a LLB Law degree. Blossom has been volunteering as a Marshal at the Artesian Covid Vccination Centre. You can learn more about the incredible work she has been doing for our north Southwark PCN here.



Other news

AnchorLeadership support circles – create safe spaces

South East London ICS are running a pilot programme to support the wellbeing of healthcare leaders and managers at a time of extraordinary demands on their resilience. This programme has been designed by NHS England and Improvement to provide safe time and reflective space for those responsible for managing others. For further information and to book a place, please follow this link.


Digital change manager

Are you or your colleagues looking for a change and want to use your digital skills across Southwark and SELCCG? We are looking to appoint to a 12 month digital change manager role for Southwark.  You should have some working knowledge of Southwark GP practices, be able to travel to any GP site in the borough and have excellent people, communication and digital skills

If you are interested please see the job description here and either complete the brief expression of interest form or send your CV to Ryszard by 9 May 2021. The post would suit a full or part time secondment.


AnchorLong-covid guide

Please see here the revised follow-up pathway that includes the provision of the new long-covid clinics.