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Meet our Covid-19 vaccination centre volunteers – Amanda

Our North Southwark Primary Care Network has a vibrant community of volunteers working at our Covid – 19 vaccination centre, including 25 marshals. Since the start of the Covid-19 vaccination programme our volunteer marshals have worked over 1000 hours and thanks to them and the rest of our volunteers (receptionists, vaccinators and managers) we have vaccinated over 39,000 people in north Southwark including delivering over 13,000 second doses. By the end of March 2021 Amanda had dedicated 100 hours of her time to volunteer.


Amanda – vaccine centre marshal

Hi, I am Amanda and I am 59 years old. I have been volunteering as a vaccination marshal and sometimes as a lead vaccination marshal at the Artisan Health Centre, Bermondsey. I started volunteering twice a week and sometimes I do three times a week.

As a vaccination marshal, I make sure that when the clients come in that they are seated, then when the vaccinators are ready I show the client which room to go to.  A lot of clients are chatty and often ask different questions about the actual vaccination they are about to have. I do not give out medical advice, when asked those sort of questions I direct them to the doctor/nurse. I also clean each chair which has been sat on to make sure each chair is sanitised each time.

As a lead vaccination marshal, I do the same as above but also make sure that the next day’s needles and wipes are made up in their dishes, ready for the next day’s vaccinators and any other jobs which I am asked to do.

I volunteer because I like to help people. I like to think I work well in a team and I like to be involved in something that hopefully is making a difference. I like working at the Artisan Health Centre because of management, doctors, nurses and volunteers are all nice and its great to meet different people. I also like the medical environment and would like to volunteer again if possible in a hospital environment.

Benefits to our north Soutwark patients

I think the centre has been amazing. I love it when its really busy and most of the clients come in very happy to know that they are having their Covid-19 vaccination.  Some say it’s like winning the Lotto!

Have you had your vaccine?

I have had both my vaccinations, which was Astra Zeneca. I often get asked if I have had my vaccination and I answer by saying yes and that I feel good that I have been given it. I also mentioned that I had no side effects whatsoever, however I do mention that I understand that everyone is different and can react to the vaccination in different ways, mainly by getting a sore arm or feeling a little tired but it doesn’t last long. It’s better to have the vaccination and hopefully one day we can all get back to getting out and about and living a bit more of a normal life.