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Meet our covid-19 vaccination centre volunteers – Grace

Our North Southwark Primary Care Network has a vibrant community of volunteers working at our covid – 19 vaccination centre, including 25 marshals. Since the start of the covid-19 vaccination programme our volunteer marshals have worked over 850 hours and thanks to them and the rest of our volunteers (receptionists, vaccinators and managers) we have vaccinated over 27,000 people in north Southwark. Over the next month we will hear from two volunteer marshals and a marshal from New Mill Street Surgery.

Grace – lead marshal

My name is Grace and I am the Lead Marshall at the Artesian Vaccination Centre. I am working four days a week, mostly from Wednesday to Saturday. I have been assigned from New Mill Street Surgery to give all my support to this vaccination centre.

My daily role is to make sure everything runs smoothly during the operation hours of the clinic. Some of my tasks include:

  • Making sure the waiting room is clean and when patients arrive, I show them where to sit and direct them to the vaccination room.
  • Train, manage and supervise all marshals.
  • Helping the operation lead in managing and monitoring the vaccines we distribute to the vaccinator, as well as managing the vaccine levels that are going to be use in that day.
  • Making sure the vaccinators have all the things they need such as syringes, vaccination cards, cotton wools, sharps bin, alcohol wipes, pens and markers.
  • Helping receptionists to check patients into the system, booking appointments for patients for the vaccination.
  • Helping the vaccinator in tracing the patient in the computer system.

Since I started working here our team is actively sending invites, calling patients including housebound patients who are eligible to receive the vaccine. In average we had between 350 to 500 patients everyday coming to have their vaccination in our clinic. Once we had a ‘Super Saturday’ with nearly 800 patients coming for their vaccination.

I love working here because I get to meet lots of people (patients, volunteers, GP, nurses) from different backgrounds. I guess this because I have spent most of my life away from my home country, Indonesia. I studied in Amsterdam, graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration. I lived there for over 10 years where I met lots of people from different places and background. Then I got married and moved to UK.

What are the challenges of working here?

  • Getting to know the people you are working with. I have to remember lots of names either operation leads, doctors, pharmacists, marshals, receptionist, paramedics, health assistants, security staff and all people involved in the clinic. To have a good team working well together we have to know each other names, get to know each other a bit and also getting to know how they like their tea/coffee being served haha!
  • Having to have a lot of patience and being open minded. Every person is unique and will always have different opinions, including the patients.

Have you had your vaccine?

I have had both of my vaccines. To all the people out there who are feeling nervous about it, please do not listen / read too much of the news, which may make you more nervous. Please book for yourself to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Protect yourself and the people around you!

QHS Bulletin – 10 April 2019

In this issue:

NEW: Southwark eHub pilot
NEW: Remote consulting from EPCS
New provider of Point of Care Testing (POCT) machines – NHS Health Checks
QHS supporting latent TB screening
Members’ meeting 3 April 2019 – Primary Care Networks


Programme Updates

Southwark eHub pilot

Now that most of our practices are live with eConsult we have been asked by the CCG to pilot the eHub model in our Extended Primary Care Service. We would like recruit a few practices to take part in this pilot. This would mean that the eConsultations submitted by your patients on Saturday and Sunday would be dealt with by one of our clinicians at EPCS over the weekend, completing this work for you before Monday! For more information see this presentation and contact Ryszard Stepaniuk to express your interest in the pilot.


Remote consulting from EPCS

Can we please remind all staff who book appointments at EPCS to follow the new process, as per the attached guide. The booking process is much quicker for you and this allows us to add consultations directly to your system without the need to send discharges. Over the course of next few weeks we will be changing the slots properties in our appointment books to ‘disallow any unregistered patients’, which means you will have to select a patient in your system to book an appointment and will not able to write in a patient’s name manually. Please share this update with all your staff.


Contract updates

New provider of Point of Care Testing (POCT) machines – NHS Health Checks

This letter from Southwark Council Public Health Division concerns the notification of the contract award for new POCT Machines. It is the intention of Public Health Division to make available the new POCT machines to all GP practices and they will be in contact with further details in the near future.


QHS supporting latent TB screening

We would like to remind practices that QHS has been commissioned by Southwark CCG to support the screening of the eligible cohort for the population of north Southwark. The call-recall process has begun and we are in the process of contacting individual practices. The plan is to screen patients at EPCS, Spa Medical Centre and the screening results will be delivered to the practice to follow up accordingly.

Please let Freddie Cheal, know if you would like to be included in the first group of practices to start the recall. A copy of the draft invite letter is attached for your information.


Member engagement

Member’s meeting 3 April 2019 – Primary Care Networks

QHS would like to invite all members to a meeting on Wednesday 3 April 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Cambridge House to discuss, in collaboration with the LMC, the development of Primary Care Networks (PCNS).

We would like all member practices to be represented and input their views, so please do sign up here.Refreshments will be provided from 6:30pm-7:00pm. If you would like to know more about the GP contract and PCNs please read this document or speak to one of the QHS team.

The Primary Care Network Handbook is now available for further guidance.